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“There are many reasons why I chose Zenfit and why i love Zenfit. One of them is that I have everything I need in one place.”

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Silje Helen Vedøy
Online Health Coach

Numbers for the nerds.
Understand, analyze & take action.

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One page that lets you know everything you need, to let your clients achieve their goals.

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Increase the odds of success

Know everything - one view to give you all insights needed on progress like an oracle.


One page with every data point on your client

Holistic features like sleep quality and energy

Weight, bodyfat, circumference measurements

“[...] and the best part is you can customize the platform with your own content”

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Lisa Olausen
Online Health Coach
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#1 Client App

Weekly, customized check-ins to hold your clients accountable for their goals

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Choose cadence

Whether you want weekly, biweekly or monthly, you can set cadence

Holistic features

Know how your client sleeps, and how they feel on a broader level

Notifications & Alerts

We’ll let you know if the client missed a check-in, or if you should react

Rating over time

Clients can rate workouts, nutrition and general feel at the check-in

Custom questions

Create your own custom questions for the check-in questionnaire

Automate your check-ins

Check-ins will be automated, so you can rest assured no client is forgotten

Features that do the heavy lifting for you and your clients

Understand how your clients really feel

Your clients will receive a check-in questionnaire, giving you a window into their headspace

Window showing the client check in feature.

Nutritional overview

Understand how your clients eat and their relationship with food and nutrition

Graph showing a clients nutritional overview.
Window showing the transformation of an individual.

Progress images

Track progress images and easily export before/after for your website or socials

Graph of a clients body-stats.

Body stats

Track and measure body weigh, fat and circumference over time