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“I love the fact that I can add my own exercises and recipes so my clients get everything they want and need.”

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Silje Helen Vedøy
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Access every workout in the book, without recording a single video

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Create workouts that fit your client needs in minutes, using the intuitive Zenfit workout builder

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Industry-leading capabilities for serious workouts. All by design.





“If you’re an online coach and you want to grow your business, I can recommend Zenfit, it’s the best app I’ve ever tried.”

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Martin Myrvold
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Plan holistic workouts

A holistic perspective to workouts; Fitness, at home, running, biking & any other activities


Clients can log their own exercises

Integration with MyFitnessPal & Apple Health

Clients can add circumference, weight and strength manually

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Workouts with the swipe of an app. A beautiful duet between coach and client.

Check all the bells & whistles
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Log workouts

Clients can easily log their workouts so you can follow their progress

Chat, Sound & Video

Send text, voice recording, video recording, image and video files

Add your own exercise videos

Add your own custom exercise videos for all your clients to use

Workout timer

Clients can use the built-in timer to track and log their workouts

Workout instructions

Athletic by design, our app is optimised for easy use at home or in the gym

Multiple plans

Create multiple advanced workout plans for your clients

Features that do the heavy
lifting for you and your clients

Compare exercise progress

Compare your clients progress over time, and across different exercises

Graph of client progress feature.

Search workouts from muscle group and equipment

Clients have different needs, so we’ve made it easy for you to find exercises that fit your client

Search through list of workouts feature.
Reuse workout feature.

Reuse workouts across different clients

We’re believers of a do-it-once-and-done. So we made it easy to create and reuse workouts. Your welcome.

Track workouts feature.

Track every workout

Know which workouts your clients liked, and how they performed so you can stay laser-focused on their goals together