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“The entire software is great - for me as a coach, but also my clients; both the 68 year old woman and the 18 year old man”

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Packed with every single feature needed for clients to reach their goals

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The work you do deserves the best tools. The app lets your client communicate, create plans, check-ins and much more...

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Client engagement never looked so good

A coach app to check-in with your clients, chat and follow ups. Finally.



Essential client progress data

Reminders & notes

“I can be personal towards my clients and express who I want to be as a coach”

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It’s all about changing habits

Online, in-person or hybrid? Keep clients engaged and accountable in any scenario.


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#1 Client App

App as the centerpiece of the client experience. Loved by coaches and clients alike.

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Completely branded

Showcase logo and custom color palette throughout the app

Workout timer

Clients can use the built-in timer to track and log their workouts

Personalized experience

Personalize welcome videos, workouts and messages


Questions, sliders & progress images to stay focused on goals

Chat, Voice & Video

Send text, voice recording, video recording, image and video files

Multiple plans

Create multiple advanced workout plans for your clients

Features that put progress in the hands of your clients

Easy upload of progress images

We made it a breezy for your clients to keep you up-to-date with progress images from week to week.

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Apple Health & Google Fit

We integrate with leading providers to automatically track activity

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Works for iOS & Android

Easy to use, easy to get started. Download the app and get started today.

User interface of the check in process.

Frequent, easy check-ins

The app helps clients achieve their goals by visualizing their progress, allowing them to check-in and have an overview of workouts and nutrition.